Take the Required Lifeguard Classes to Become a Lifesaver

The American Lifeguard Association, the most reputable name in lifeguard training for more than 50 years, offers certified lifeguard lessons that may get you ready to handle aquatic emergencies. Continue reading to discover the ten crucial elements of ALA lifeguard certification instruction.

Water Rescue Skills

Master open-water rescue techniques like reaches and throws with fins/rescue tube. Train to tow or transport tired/injured swimmers safely back to shore in various conditions. Practice your form and endurance without compromising rescues.

First Aid & CPR Certification

Learn to assess situations, prioritize care, operate an AED and provide first aid for injuries like cuts, burns, heat illness and more. CPR certification teaches 1- and 2-rescuer techniques for adults, children and infants to support breathing and circulation during any medical emergency until EMS arrives.

Scanning & Surveillance

Effective lifeguards must constantly scan their zone, identifying and counting all swimmers and paying attention to behaviors that could indicate distress or danger. Lifeguard classes teach techniques to search zones quickly and strategically using peripheral vision while filtering noises to hone your surveillance skills.

Emergency Action & Rescue Plans

Know how to size up a hazard, call for backup and direct others to help clear affected areas or direct patrons to safety. Following step-by-step action plans prepares guards to work professionally and take over coordination during real-life emergencies until first responders take over care.

Aquatic Safety Rules & Regulations

Knowledge of pertinent laws, regulations and posted rules ensures lifeguard online classes maintain a controlled, safe environment. Learn crowd management strategies as well as how to enforce safety policies respectfully and lawfully.

Spinal Injuries & Head/Neck Support

Spinal injury protocol saves lives by preventing secondary injuries during rescues. Classes teach careful in-water and backboard removals with proper head and neck support to protect the spine.

Water Park Essentials (optional module)

From enforcing safety rules on waterslides and attractions to dangers lurking in diving pools or play features, this module prepares lifeguards for busy commercial water park environments.

Ocean Beach Operations (optional module)

Rip currents, waves, marine hazards and emergency planning for large open-water areas are covered. Strategies adjust for unpredictable weather and conditions at coastal locations.

Pool Operation & Maintenance

Understanding critical pool equipment, chemical monitoring, record-keeping, water quality testing and inspection procedures empowers lifeguards to help maintain a safe and hygienic aquatic facility beyond just their surveillance duties.

Exam Preparation & Certification

An intense practice exam, review session with instructors and final written/skills evaluations ensure graduates comprehend all responsibilities and can act decisively in emergency scenarios. Passing qualifies students for 3-year ALA National Certification.

Save Lives, Learn Skills: Lifeguard Classes Unveiled

The American Lifeguard Association is dedicated to training the best lifeguards and providing aquatic safety education. Our in-depth classes prepare students to react confidently in emergencies while also developing career-changing skills. Read on for insight into ALA’s lifeguard classes program.

Water Rescue Mastery

Techniques like reaching assists, active victim rescues, spinal injury prevention and in-water spinal stabilization are thoroughly practiced. New skills build on each other to develop flawless rescue form.

Surveillance Strategies

zone management, patron scanning methods and distracter identification are sharpened. Tactics like rotating position aid better supervision without eye strain or boredom.

CPR Certification

Adult, child and infant rescue breathing and compression techniques meet ECC standards for certification. Scenario training tunes reaction speed for real cardiac emergencies.

First Aid Fundamentals

Cuts, burns, heat illnesses, bone/muscle injuries and other incidents are assessed and proper first aid treatment is applied. Confidence handling injuries of all types is built.

Aquatic Safety Standards

All federal, state and local codes are reviewed ensuring compliance protecting patrons and staff. Risk management strategies are mastered.

Leadership & Judgment Development

Life-testing drills instill the command presence and decision-making demands of handling issues and organizing an emergency response.

Communication & Documentation

Important record keeping, incident reports, chain of command, EMS coordination and policy explanation skills are emphasized.

Personnel Management

Strategies for optimizing guard placements, public interactions, staff motivation and resolving disputes on duty are covered.

Facility Maintenance Awareness

Mechanical system functions, routine inspections, water quality monitoring and identifying/reporting issues trains lifeguards as facility stewards.

Certification Prep & Evaluation

Practice scenarios and a final exam measures graduates’ job readiness through knowledge/skill assessments to qualify for 3-year certification.

In the Deep End: Lifeguard Classes Simplified

Becoming a lifeguard certification classes may seem intimidating, but the American Lifeguard Association keeps training manageable through our comprehensive yet easy to follow classes. Let’s dive into what makes ALA lifeguard certification accessible.

Water Rescue Basics

Core techniques like assists, tosses, removes and in-water spinal stabilization are broken down step-by-step so swimmers of all levels can focus on perfecting their form.

Scanning Strategies Made Simple

ALA’s proven strategies like zone management and distracter identification are clearly outlined and practiced until surveillance becomes second nature.

CPR Simplified

Adult, child and infant protocols are taught in a fun, memorable way using simple acronyms. Students feel comfortable responding in an emergency.

First Aid Made Clear

Charts and guides depict injury assessments and basic treatment so clearly that first responses to many incidents require little critical thinking under pressure.

Risk Management Rules Reinforced

Through routine review and scenarios, all relevant codes, safety policies and legal responsibilities become easy to recall and enforce to create a culture of prevention.

Leadership Lessons Learned by Doing

Realistic drills place students in charge, though instructors provide constant feedback, coaching students until command of a situation feels natural.

Clear Communication Coached

Documentation standards, incident reporting samples, challenge scenarios and practice speaking to patrons or emergency responders minimizes anxiety.

Team Training in Tandem

Working through situations together, students learn vital cooperation skills while also alleviating performance stress through peer encouragement and feedback.

Water Facility Maintenance Made Manageable

With visuals and repeat exposure to proper procedures for each system, the importance of surveillance beyond rescues sinks in.

Certification Achieved

Students feel ready for final evaluations, having gained streamlined methods for success on any aquatic safety responsibilities through ALA’s simplified approach.

The goal is lifeguard classes near me who can act, not overthink. ALA’s clear, step-by-step training gets you certification-ready with confidence. Contact us to register today!

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